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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to find Service number for TNEB Online Payment

You can now pay your electricity bills through the Tamilnadu Electricity Bill Payment Gateway. I had some confusion with the service number (aka consumer number) while registering in the portal. I thought I could share with you all how I managed to complete the registration.

The first time you enter the wrong invalid service number, the below error message will be displayed

TNEB Error Invalid Service No / Region
All you need is a little patience and check if you have selected the proper region from the drop-down menu.

TNEB Chennai Region Select Online Bill Payment
The first three characters of the service/consumer number is the section code that denotes your locality. You will find the code for your locality at theWhat is my Region? link at the TNEB Payment Gateway home page (also see useful links below). This will help you correlate the service number written on your white color EB Meter card or printed on previous payment receipts.

TNEB White Meter Card Consumer Number Service Number
Now type in the exact service number in the service no textbox and if it is valid you will get the below message and also the consumer name and address will get auto-populated


  1. It was useful. Since my card did not show the zeros in the front, I was entering less digits and that was failing. The above image was very useful.
    Thanks - Gopalan

  2. How to enter service no for this one 09-577-111-1276

  3. Useful info. Thankyou

  4. we can able to pay more payment using single registrations

  5. i will enter the consumer no but it says invalid consumer no what can i do

  6. thanks a lot bro. it me helped me out of my hardtime

  7. Only 3 digit number there for me with 2 alphabets.. KS 544. How to find out..????

  8. I have my consumer number, how do I locate my service number

  9. I have my consumer number, how do I locate my service number

  10. thank you so much .we are also giving some information about tneb online payment