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Friday, February 26, 2010

Homi Bhabha's Letter to his father when he was at Cambridge(1928)

"Physics is my line. I know I shall do great things here. For, each man can de best and excel in only that thing of which he is passionately fond, in which he believes, as I do, that he has the ability to do it, that he is in fact born and destined to do it.. I am burning with a desire to do physics. I will and must do it sometime. It is my only ambition. I have no desire to be a 'successful' man or the head of a big firm. There are intelligent people who like that and let them do it.... It is no use saying to Beethoven 'You must be a scientist for it is great thing' When he did not care two hoots for science; or to Socrates 'Be an engineer; it is work of intelligent man.' It is not in the nature of things. I therefore earnestly implore you to let me do physics."

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